Morcom/Morcombe One-Name Study

Morcom/be family coat of arms

To be entitled to arms in England a person must prove a legitimate male line of descent from an ancestor who is on the official record of the College of Arms as being entitled to the same arms. It is not sufficient to prove that someone with your surname was entitled to arms. There is no such thing as a family (as in surname) Coat of Arms

As far as we have discovered, all the early families carrying the surname Morcom or Morcombe came from fairly humble beginnings. In any case, it is unlikely that you will find that you are entitled to bear a coat of arms if none of your relatives were aware of this right. This is not something that your ancestors would forget.

But please do not despair! There is no shortage of helpful firms, advertising on the Internet, who will quickly produce your coat of arms, shield, or family crest. You have the choice of at least four different designs for the Morcom coat of arms! If you are prepared to pay enough, they may even throw in a Morcom tartan for you to wear with pride!

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